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Writer's/Photographer's Guidelines I

Last Updated August 8, 2013

Note: Many other magazines and publishers have their guidelines listed online, but are not listed here either because I have not yet gotten around to linking them or they don't have a separate URL for the.

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    Freelance Writing: Writer's Guidelines
    Magazine Guidelines Database
    Top Strategies For Finding Guidelines Online
    Towse's Links To Online Submission Guidelines
    Writer's Digest Guidelines
    Writer's Guidelines
    Writers Write Writer's Guidelines Directory
    Writing For Dollars Guidelines Database

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    360 USA Submissions Writer's Guidelines
    Automated QA Submission Guidelines Writer's Guidelines Writer's Guidelines Freelance Guides Writer's Guidelines
    Family Travel Guidelines
    FolksOnline Guidelines For Content Contributors
    GORP Freelance Guidelines
    Gotham Gazette Guidlines For Writers Writer's Guidelines

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    Green Sneakers Writers Wanted
    How To Make A Family Writers Guide
    Mother Devoted Editorial Guidelines
    Rhode Island Roads Contributor Guidelines Editorial Submissions
    Tekka Writer's Guidelines
    Write At Home News Writer's Guidelines
    Writer's Stew Submission Guidelines

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    American Guidelines - Books

    Avalon Travel Publishers Acquisitions
    The Bukowski Agency: Non-Fiction Proposal Guidelines
    Cavet Books Information For Authors
    The Countryman Press Writer's Submission Guidelines
    Hunter House Publishers Publish With Us
    Penguin Putnam Manuscript Submissions
    Persea Books Guidelines
    Square One Publishers Manuscript Submission Guidelines
    Waltsan Publishing's Publishing Guidelines
    Wind River Publishing Publishing Guidelines
    Writing That Works Copy Guidelines

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    American Newspapers

    Capper's Contributors Guidelines
    Christian Science Monitor Contributors Guidelines

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    Canadian Guidelines

    Abilities Magazine
    Acreage Life Contributor Guidelines
    Airlines Magazine - Guidelines For Freelance Photographers
    Airlines Magazine - Guidelines For Freelance Writers
    Alberta Parent Quarterly Submission Guidelines
    American Health & Fitness Submission Guidelines
    Animal Wellness Writer's Guidelines
    Canada's History Magazine Editorial Guidelines
    Blackfriers Publications
    British Columbia Magazine Guidelines For Writers
    CA Magazine Writers' Guidelines
    Canadian Flyfisher Writers Guidelines
    Canadian Geographic Writer's Guidelines
    Canadian Writer's Journal Writer's Guidelines
    Chatelaine Writer's Guidelines
    Chill Editorial Submission Guidelines
    Cottage Life Contributor Guidlines
    The Country Connection Writers' Guidelines
    Diver Magazine Writer's Guidelines
    Divorce Writer's Submission Guidelines

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    Explore - Photographer's Guidelines
    Explore - Writer's Guidelines
    Family Chronicles Writer's Guidelines
    Flare Magazine Writer Guidelines
    Forum Magazine's Writers Guidelines
    Globe & Mail Travel Writers' Guidelines
    Gripped Contributors Guidelines
    Inuktitut Magazine: Freelancers' Guidelines
    Journey Writer's Guidelines
    Legion Magazine Writers' And Photographers' Guidelines
    Medhunters Writer's Guidelines
    Natural Healer Submissions
    Okanagan Life Submission Guidelines
    Orca Book Publishers' Guidelines
    Outdoor Canada Contributor Guidelines
    Prentice Hall Canada's Guidelines
    Saltscapes Writer's Guidelines
    Sympatico Netlife Writer's Guidelines
    Toronto Life Submissions
    The Walrus: Writer's Guidelines
    Whitecap Books Submissions
    Zoomer Guidelines

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    United Kingdom Guidelines

    Asia-Pacific Tropical Homes Contributors' Guidelines
    BBC Wildlife Submitting Ideas
    Geographical Magazine's Information For Contributors
    Island Guidelines For Contributors
    Italy Writers' Guidelines
    Times Of The Islands Writers' Guidelines
    Wingspan & World Family News Guidelines

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    Radio Guidelines

    Corporation For Public Broadcasting: A Producer's Guide
    National Public Radio Submission Guidelines (US)

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