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Last Updated June 6, 2002

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Acu-Write Tips to help you improve your writing. To subscribe, send a blank email message to: [email protected]

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I have started a new e-mail l*st called Author-L. It's for authors 
of fiction and non-fiction books who want to discuss the business 
of writing, selling,  and marketing books. It's not a l*st for 
beginners (questions such as "What  is a book proposal?" are 

To sub, go to

Hope to see you there.


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Bention Mailing Lists

Bention Mailing Lists

Communications Policy & Practice Mailing Lists The Benton Foundation's Communications Policy and Practice programs currently hosts two listservs. Both lists receive CPP's daily headlines news service and other announcements. The only difference between the two is that the first one, below, is "read only" (only Benton staff post messages to it); the second is a discussion list: anyone who subscribes to the list can post to it. Benton Communications Policy Mailing List The Benton Communications Policy mailing list keeps you informed of key policy developments in the emerging National Information Infrastructure, and how these issues affect noncommercial users. You'll receive our free daily Communications-Related Headlines service, the bi-weekly Extras, which summarize news stories on particular issues (e.g., education technology, the E-Rate, and media literacy), and Digital Beat, our bi-weekly analysis of public service media and the future of digital broadcasting. Through this listserv you will also receive alerts on breaking news from Washington, DC as well as brief summaries of new postings on the Benton World Wide Web site at URL Also check out the Communications Policy and Practice section of our web site which includes a number of resources for anyone who would like to become informed or stay informed in the public interest uses of communications.

(on-line subscription for snipped)

Up for Grabs Mailing and Discussion List While originating from the 1996 conference, Up for Grabs: Communications Practice and Policy in the Public Interest, co-sponsored by the Benton Foundation and NTIA, the Up For Grabs discussion list is your online space to discuss public interest issues concerning new communications technologies. Join the Up for Grabs Mailing and Discussion List

(on-line subscription for snipped)

The Benton Mailing and Discussion lists can be joined via email as well. If you have any problems with the listserv or any questions about the postings, please direct them to [email protected]

Joining Benton's Mail Lists via Email Subscribing To join the Benton Communications Policy news-only list, send email to [email protected] with only the following written in the body of the message: subscribe benton-compolicy YourFirstName YourLastName (for example: subscribe benton-compolicy Kevin "WonkBoy" Taglang)

To join the Up For Grabs news and discussion list send email to [email protected] with only the following written in the body of the message: subscribe upforgrabs-L YourFirstName YourLastName (for example: subscribe upforgrabs-L Kevin "DogBite" Taglang)


The procedure for leaving or unsubscribing from a list is identical to the above, merely replacing unsubscribe where you see "subscribe" and leaving off your full name. For example: unsubscribe upforgrabs-L

If you have any problems with the listserv or any questions about the postings, please direct them to [email protected] Thank you for subscribing.

Benton Foundation 1634 Eye Street NW, 12th Floor Washington DC 20006 USA ph:202-638-5770 fax:202-638-5771 email: [email protected] WWW: Last updated: 13 May 1998 jss

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Discussion group for book authors interested in sharing information on book signings

To subscribe, send a blank email to:

[email protected] or

[email protected] for the digest form

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The BooksOnQ list is a forum to discuss and critique self-published books carried by Books OnQ. General discussions about self-publishing and the writing industry are also welcome.

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Consulting Today: The World Business Network has created a new discussion group to help consultants called Consulting Today. It is an e-mail mailing list designed to encourage dialogue, networking and the exchange of information between consultants and their clients. Some topics open for discussion include how to get referrals and network with other consultants, tips and tricks to marketing consulting services and developing strategic alliances. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to [email protected] with the words subscribe consulting-group in the body of the message. For more information contact [email protected] or see

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Copy Editing Mailing List: To subscribe send e-mail to [email protected]. Leave subject line blank. In the body of the message, on the first line, type "SUBSCRIBE COPYEDITING-L [your name]". More information at

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The Copywriter's Clinic Mialing List: To subscribe, send an email to: [email protected].

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Documents Worldwide, or DOCWORLD-L, is a new, unmoderated electronic mailing list devoted to "sharing government information worldwide." The list will serve as a forum for librarians, researchers, and information professionals to discuss topics such as "freedom of access to government information, trends in government publishing, [and] announcements of new government publications of note, including indexes, web sites, and other tools that assist in accessing government information." DOCWORLD- is sponsored by the International Documents Taskforce of the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table. [AO]

To subscribe, send a message to: [email protected] In the body of the message, type: subscribe DOCWORLD-L firstname lastname

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The eBooks Listserve was set up to discuss the design, sales, and marketing of eBooks, e-publishing and the alike. This is also the area to discuss topics from our web site , authors will also periodically announce their upcoming chat schedules,etc. through the discussion group. We look forward to having you. Please sign up at:

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FirstBookPromotion: New list for all writers of fiction, non-fiction, short stories and poetry. Advertising and selling of your work is no longer regarded as unethical because you have come to the right place. (No sex, no material on how to improve internet marketing and website design!)

To subscribe to FIRSTBOOKPROMOTION send an email to the list owner at [email protected]. An invitation to join the list will be returned to your email address.

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Check the Foreign Correspondent list's web page

This subject guide to Web-based information sources has been created
for the Foreign Correspondents Group, an international collection of foreign 
correspondents and academics, to facilitate the work of foreign
correspondents. There are links to country and government data
 as well as to other essential information and tools. The page also aims to 
foster communication between journalism educators and journalists working 
in the field. Please join foreign, our email discussion list.

Subscribe to foreign Correspondent

View archives of  foreign Correspondent

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FREELANCE-JOURNALISTS on [email protected]
 Freelance Journalism Discussion

FREELANCE-JOURNALISTS is an open, unmoderated list for the exchange
of ideas and information about freelance journalism.  It is aimed at
providing a forum for freelance journalists and other interested
parties to engage in constructive dialogue and debate about issues of
concern to the trade.

You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending an e-mail to
 [email protected] with 
the message in the body:


You can also subscribe online by visiting the list homepage at:

A DIGEST of the list is available, and can be subscribed to by
sending an
e-mail to [email protected] with the message:


Owner:  Katim S. Touray, Ph.D.
[email protected]
 or [email protected]

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Grammar Discussion List is a moderated discussion list on grammar. To subscribe send an e-mail to [email protected] and in the body of the message put "sub grammar First Name Last Name". To post a question to the list e-mail [email protected]/

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Jewish Writing is a new moderated e-mail forum designed to network writers' ideas, resources, tips, and outlets. Subscribe at where you will also find information about many other Hebrew and Jewish e-mail discussion groups. You can also subscribe by sending blank e-mail to [email protected]

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Some of you may be interested to know that a somewhat similar association has been created at the beginning of the year in Paris, France, "". It actually has a wider scope since it is meant to address any issue related to "journalism in the Internet age" ("le journalisme l'heure d'Internet"). It also has a more narrow audience: mainly French - but also french-speaking Europeans, and *one* American member too.

The origin of this non-profit association is a mailing list which has been created two years ago about this very subject, called JLISTE - about 400 subscribers and half a dozen posts a day. Subjectwise (is that English?), Jliste is somewhere between CARR-L and Online-news. Role models, of course.

Jliste is unmoderated and open to anybody professionally interested by this subject. And so is the association: unlike the Online News Association, our members are not only online journalists and researchers, but also "traditional" journalists or non-journalists (who nevertheless create news content and sites on the Net), etc. We feel the diversity of the members of the association (and of the subscribers of JLISTE) is our main asset: everybody has something to learn from the others' experiences.

I understand he situation is different in the States, where online journalism is more mature and online journalists may need a lobby to help them be recognized (so said Rich Jaroslovsky last year when he first expressed the idea of this association, if I remember well). Maybe we'll have to come to that too someday...

Good luck to Rich and the Online News Association. Does anybody know of other "journalism-and-the-Internet" associations in the world? Maybe we could do something in common - respecting each other's identities. Do let me know.

(Could someone please forward this post to online-news and online-newspapers - I am not a subscriber at the moment.)


Herve Cassagne , Freelance journalist - Paris, mailing list JLISTE (owner)

PS: web site is at (in French only). Soon: *Please* wait a few weeks if you're interested: the web site is currently in the middle of a major change - and my summer holidays are in August!

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List on Journalism In Europe, focusing on investigative reporting and computer-assisted (CAR) reporting. [email protected] In the body of your message type: subscribe media firstname lastname

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Magazine Writers Discussion List (MAGWRITE): I STRONGLY advise against joining this list. The flaming, bickering and pettiness spoils the bouts of intelligent discussion making it, in my opinion, not worth while putting up with. All lists experience this to some degree. It's human nature. This list takes it to the extreme. 

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Media Mentor: To subscribe send an empty email to [email protected]

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Online-Newspapers is a list with a very narrow focus -- the newspaper industry's efforts and activities in the online world. If you want to be part of a broader interactive media/online publishing discussion group, I suggest you sign up for Online-News. That list is not private, and you can sign up at (You also can review the last few days' discussions to see if this is the right group for you.)

I also operate another list that you may find of interest, Online-Writing, which is a discussion venue for writers, editors and content developers working in the online medium. Here, we focus just on *content*. Sign up for that one at

Best regards, Steve

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SCIENCE-MATTERS is an open unmoderated discussion list covering science, science issues and media coverage of science. The list is hosted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is open for anyone to subscribe to. Subscription is free.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australia's national public broadcaster. Details about the organisation can be found on the web at ABC. The ABC is a public service corporation funded by Australian taxpayers.

To sign up,;=32413&page;=32

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Secrets Of Self-Publishing Success is for people who want to write a book ... whether they're writers or not ... and publish it themselves.

Subscription instructions: To subscribe, send an e-mail to [email protected] As a courtesy, please list your name in the body of the e-mail so that we may address you courteously.

Owner/moderator address: [email protected]

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List for self-publishers. /

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Sports-Writing list: To subscribe to this list send the text: subscribe sports-writing in the body of the message to: [email protected]

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STUMPERS-L is a moderated networking resource list for reference questions that have people stumped. It is assumed that all questions posted to this list have been thoroughly researched through the usual sources; library, specialists, other Internet sources, etc.. Subscribe send message to: [email protected] Put SUBSCRIBE STUMPERS-L in body of message.

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Description: [email protected] is for the posting of major breaking events. TJI stands for This Just In. Many public safety professionals and volunteers subscribe in order to read and post messages about cops shot, firefighters killed in action, plane crashes, mass casualty incidents, multiple fatality fires, etc.

Subscription instructions: Go to to join.

Owner/moderator address: [email protected]

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Translators [email protected] is a milainglist that helps you whenever you need something translated.. so far English, Dutch, Russian, French, Japanse, German,.. are supported Visit if you think you can help out! Or mail [email protected] if you want smething translated owner: Koen Vansweevelt ([email protected])

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Women On writing. A help and support list for women writers who are serious about their craft. Whether you're just starting out in the field or you have a million publishing credits to your name, if writing is your chosen career, we'd love to hear from you. Send an email to [email protected]

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WriteDirectionals is a free weekly e-mail broadcast to get your writing onto paper and out the door. In it you'll find valuable nuggets to help you build your writing muscle, frame your thinking, and-perhaps most importantly- get you up, over, around, and through your blocks.

To subscribe to WriteDirectionals send the following command to [email protected] in the BODY of e-mail say: subscribe directionals-list

Owner: Beth Mende Conny

[email protected]

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Writing Tips gives helpful advice on how to write well - whatever the occasion. You'll receive tips on how to avoid some of the common errors in writing, how to use the apostrophe and other punctuation demons and vocab quizzes to improve your word power. There's also an oxymoron of the week and a natty Latin phrase you can use to impress your friends and associates!

Subscription instructions: To subscribe to Writing Tips, send a blank email to: ([email protected])

Owner/moderator address: [email protected]

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