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Guide For New (& Old) Journalists

Last Updated June 18, 2015

The Guide For New (& Old) Journalists is for those just taking up journalism and veteran journalists taking up a new aspect of it.

If you have any comments and suggestions to make feel free to send them to me at: Peter D.A. Warwick

Table Of Contents

  • Guide To The Basics Of Writing
  • Guide To The Business Of Writing
  • Guide To Doing Research
  • Guide To Getting Ideas
  • Guide To Market Research
  • Guide To Querying
  • "How To" Links
  • Writing Tips
  • Special Links For Journalists
  • Special Links Subsection
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    Special Links For Journalists


    8 Biggest Grand Proposal Mistakes
    10 Great Tools For Tracking Mentions Of Your Brand Across The Web
    10 Tips For Gaining Freelance Respect
    10 Ways To Make Deadbeats Pay Up Fast!
    10 Ways To Use LinkedIn
    11 Reasons Not To Hire A Freelance Copywriter
    11 Rules Of Writing
    11 Tips To Making Your Home Office More Comfortable
    11 Ways Editors Can Attract Good Reliable Writers
    The 21 Most Powerful Copywriting Rules Of All Time
    The ABC's Of Op-Ed Writing
    Accessing Electronic Journals
    Active Voice vs. Passive Voice
    All The Questions You've Been Afraid To Ask (for new writers)
    Applying For A Job: Dos And Don'ts
    The Art Of The Interview
    Article Marketing 101: The Prefect Author Resource Box
    The Beginner's Guide To Freelance Writing
    The Beginner's Guide To Writer's Workshops And Conferences
    Be Succinct (Writing For The Web)
    Better Collection Policies Are Past Due For Many
    Beware Freelance Home Writers Scam
    The Bleak Future For Web Freelances
    Breaking Into Creative Nonfiction
    Breaking In With Regional Magazines
    Careers In Science Editing"
    Careers In Technical Writing
    Copywriting: Writing To Sell
    Corporate Writers: Being Invisible Has Its Advantages
    Cover Letter Tips
    Creating And Using Storyboards
    Creating Your Own Documentation Library
    Critique Form
    The Dangers Of Writing On Spec
    Do-It-Yourself Technical Writing
    Editing Indexes
    Editing Tips: Presenting Your Work
    Editorial Freelancing: 5 Must-Know Tips
    Eight Ways To Promote Your Writing Online
    Electronic Sources Of Information: A Bibliography
    E-resume Essentials
    The Executive Summary: More Than Just An Intro
    FAQ Freelance Writing
    Finding Sample Magazines - Without Breaking The Bank
    The Five Golden Rules Of Publicity For Writers
    Five Tips For Freelancing While On Unemployment
    Five Tips For Successful Grant Writing
    Fonts: How To Choose Between Them
    Freelance Book Reviewers
    Freelance Writing Tips
    A Geek's Guide To Hiring Marketing People
    Get Clips And Build Your Portfolio
    Getting E-Screwed
    Getting Paid
    Guide To Writing A Basic Essay
    newGuide To Writing For College

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    If I Were A Carpenter: The Tools Of A Writer
    KU Writing Guide
    Making A Living As A Copywriter; Freelancing Versus Agency
    Manufacturing Inspiration
    Manuscript Format
    Manuscript Format Checklist
    Marketing The Wily Technical Writer
    Mission Possible: Get Published With Goals And Persistance
    Negotiating Right: Get What You Deserve
    Pen Names
    Plagiarism: What It Is And How To Avoid It
    A Practical Guide To Blogging
    Preparing For A Career In Newspapers
    Primer On Freelance Writing
    Print On Demand
    Proofreading Your Own Work
    Proper Manuscript Format
    Punctuating Dialogue
    Self-Editing For Success
    Self-Syndicating Your Column
    Simplify Manuscript Preparation With Don's Super Macro
    So You Think You Want To Be A Freelance Proofreader?
    Sowing The Seeds Of Opportunity: How To Multiply Your Freelance (Writing) Work
    Starting An Ebook Business?
    Submission Package
    Successful Search Engine Copywriting
    Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See
    Tips For Effective Online Marketing
    Tips On Writing Better Copy
    Ten Tips For Visual Thinking For Writers And Editors
    Types Of Companies That Need Freelance Writers
    Understanding Rejection Slips
    University Of Victoria's Hypertext Writer's Guide
    Use Press Releases To Promote Your Self-Published Books
    Weekly Lessons On The Craft Of Newspaper Writing
    What's A Billable Expense?
    What's A Press Trip?
    What Is A Permissions Request?
    When Is A Sale Not A Sale?
    Why Low Self-Worth Drives Lower Wages For Women Freelancers And What You Can Do About It
    Will Ebooks Kill Print Books?
    Women Wright Right: An Editor's Guide For Writers
    Word Counts
    Wordsmith's WebBook: Manuscript Format
    Write For Trade Magazines
    Writers & Publicity: Advice From An Expert
    Writing Book Reviews
    Writing Business Reports
    Writing Columns And Getting Syndicated
    Writing Filers For The UK (And US) Markets
    Writing How-To And Advice
    Writing Non-Fiction For The Internet
    Writing On Spec: Suspense, Pathos And Reward
    Writing Tips
    You Gotta Have Art
    Your Worth As A Non-Fiction Writer

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