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Last Updated November 8, 2005

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All The Write Moves

Author World (Online Publication)

Better Writing Skills


The BookLocker eNews [email protected]

The BookLocker eNews is a monthly publication. You will find helpful tips for writers, articles, resource sites and more. We also will let you know about any new authors and their eBooks, news relating to our site and the e-publishing world. Your address will not be given out to any third parties.

To subscribe, please go to the following URL and enter your name and email. You may cancel at any time, and instructions for cancellation are included in every mailing.

Creative Small Biz is now a weekly publication. Our focus? Business skills to help motivate creatives (writers, artists, designers, photographers) to make money from their talent.

Last issue's article discussed Multiple Income Streams. See sig (below) for the next issue's feature.

I'm running two free subscriber ads in each issue, so that we can network.

Subscribe via email at---[email protected].

Do you know what tools are available for FREE on the Internet to help you research the subject of your next article? Do you know how to use them effectively? Get the answers to these and other questions when you subscribe to !Get Published!, the FREE newsletter delivered to your email inbox twice a month. To get the answers subscribe now for free. Send a blank email to;[email protected] or visit our archives at We look forward to seeing you.

Focusing On Words Newsletter The Focusing on Words Newsletter places emphasis on the discussion of words that are derived from Latin and Greek sources. Although this is my main objective, the discussions about words will not be limited to just those that come from Latin and Greek origins. I will be including current topics from the mass media, subscribers to this list, and what ever may come up (including, but not limited to, special quotations, relative book reviews, etc.). There will be no special printing schedule because I will be doing this as an extra assignment. Contact: [email protected]
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The Freelance Newsletter of the London Freelance Branch of the National Union Of Journalists.


Free Newsletters From The Foundation Center

IN A WORD: The Epistemology E-Zine Would you like to know not just the MEANING of a word or common phrase but where it came from and how it evolved? Do you want to enrich your vocabulary? Then IN A WORD is for you! IN A WORD is a free E-Zine delivered straight to your e-mail box each weekday. IN A WORD will unravel the magic of "pyrzqxgl;" tell you why people who "free lance" may want to come up with a different term; add extra enjoyment to those "schizocarps" that fall in late spring and help you iscover why you are "worth your salt." We keep our messages "short and sweet" so it makes for easy and fun reading. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! [email protected]?subject=subscribe_to_IN_A_WORD

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Handy Job Hunter For Writers

Lost Remote (convergence newsletter)

Mad About Books

Media Professional

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Mad About Books

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Newsletter For Writers (Jobs)

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News Watch

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Publishers Lunch

Publishing Poynters

Purdue OWL News

Subscribe to The Rosebud creativity coaching newsletter for writers. You'll learn about the creative process, how to break through blocks, deal with anxiety, and being more productive. There will also be notification of upcoming classes and group coaching sessions. Send a blank email to [email protected]

Sell Writing Online Now: weekly newsletter for writers/marketers. To subscribe send an email to: [email protected]

Southern Review Of Books

Tech Beat

Telecommuting Today! Ezine is delivered FREE of charge every Monday morning. Our e-zine contains articles related to telecommuting, classifieds, telecommuting job listings, links and more! To subscribe to Telecommuting Today, send a blank e-mail to [email protected] Or sign up at our web page Owner/Publisher: Michelle McCullers [email protected]

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The Writer's Room

Writer's Success

The Writers' World

Writing For Money (Online Publication)


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