Peter's Writing Tips

Last Updated October 15, 2000

Outline your piece first, even it's just a mental outline. With a good outline and good research the piece will virtually write itself.

Know your market and your audience. Write in the appropriate style that that particular market dictates. For example do not use abbreviations if the market you are writing for does not use them. Use the jargon that is appropriate for that audience.

When possible, have someone whom you trust read over your piece first for comments before submitting it. They may point out inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, things that are not clear, etc. that may make the difference between your piece being accepted or rejected.

Write appropriately. Don't use 30 words where 5 would do, but don't use 5 words where 30 is required. In the first case you may have rambled on too much. In the second you may know something really well, but your audience doesn't.

Develop your own voice. Make that voice flexible, but make it yours.

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