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Last Updated November 18, 2009

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Please Note: These links are provided for reference and your convenience. They do not necessarily mean approval of their policies or contents.

Writing Sites A-G Freelance Writing
Absolute Write
The African Women's Media Center
The Australian Writer's Marketplace
Author Central
Author Network
Authors Registry
Bass Writing Program
Bison Creek: A Site For Writers
Black On White
The Burryman Writers Center
Communication Resources
Easy To Write
European Journalism Centre
European Press Network
Explorations Unlimited
Featuring You!
Foreign Correspondent
For Writers
The Freelance Journalism Page
Freelance Journalist
Freelance Success
Freelance Web Sites
Freelance Writers
Freelance Writers Mining Co.
Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing Organization International
Freelancing Work
Fuel For Your Writing
Funds For Writers
Get It In Writing's Travel Writing

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Writing Sites G-M

Get It In Writing's True Crime Corner
Health Writers' Hangout
Investigative Journalism On The Internet
IRC Undernet Writers Page (Chat/Discuss)
It Is Written, Ink (formerly Get It In Writing)
John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center
John Scalzi's Utterly Useless Writing Advice
Journalism UK
Journalism Resources (From Iowa University)
Journalism Resources I
Journalism Resources II
Journalism Resources From CBC Ottawa
Journalisme En Francais Sur L'inforoute
Journalism UK
A Journalist's Guide To The Internet 
Journalists' Source List
Kirk LaPointe's J-Home
Magazine Writer's Net
Media Centre (UK)
Media Community
Media Network (UK)
Media Resource
Miscellaneous Writing

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Writing Sites N-W

Net Author
New Writer's Market
News Mait Writers' Cooperative (newspaper business)
News Research Center Web Links For Journalists
One Stop Writer's Resources
Painted Rock: Writers & Readers Colony
Post3 (Writers Links)
Power Reporting
Peditors & Editors
Proof Positive
Published! How To Reach Writing Success
PubMart: The How-To Site For Periodical Publishers
--And Free-Lance Writers

Put It In Ink
Reporter's Internet Guide
Reporters Network
Resources 4 Freelance Writers
Resources Journalistiques En Anglais
Ryerson's Journalism Links
Small Town Press
Technical Writing
The Trade Writer's Resouce Center
Travel Writing
UK Journalism Resources
USUS (Comprehensive Internet Guide For Journalists)
USUS (Comprehensive Internet Guide For Journalists)
- (Mirror Site)

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Writing Sites W-Z
World Wide Web Virtual Library - Journalism
Worldwide Freelance Writer
Write Away
Write From Home
Write Link
Write Links
Write News
Write Online
Write This Down
WriteCraft Writers Resource Center NZ
The Writer Gazette (ex Writers Manual)
The Writers Corner
The Writers Hood
Writer's Exchange
The Writer's Lounge
The Writer's Mind
The Writer's Place
Writer's Resource Center
Writer's Toolbox
Writers Crossing
Writers-Editors Network
Writers Resource Center & Reference Library
Writers Unite!
WritersWeekly Warnings
Writers Write
Writing Corner I
The Writing Corner II
Writing Links & Links For Writers
Writing Markets
Writing Raw

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